Why us?

Hub Club is a reputable service provider that pioneers the conversion of golf cart wheels into striking mobile advertisements. The first of its type, internationally patented, and “innovative” in concept and design is the HubClub advertising Spinner Hubcap. With the golf cart wheel turning, our special, spinner Advertising Hubcap stays stationary. Our invention is best used as promotion of various campaigns, corporate golf outing branding, tournament day sponsorships, or simply showing off your brand. Please contact us direct for branding your special corporate golf day or order your private personalized set on-line here.


Target Audience


Brand Growth

Make heads turn on the golf course with your own set of hub caps  designed by you! Show of your  latest NFT bragging rights or take innovative advertising for your business to the next level . Order Your custom set of hub caps just in time for your next round of golf here >

We offer a limited number of units to individuals who want to showcase their personalized cart wheels around the golf estate, but our primary focus is large-scale monthly/yearly marketing campaigns for corporate or tournament branding on golf courses.These reservations can be made online on a monthly/yearly basis. If you want your entity to stand  out TEErrifically, enquire here >


How do I order?

With our simple 4 Step process, order your custom hub caps in no time. Simply use our designer to upload your high resolution image and see for yourself how awesome it will look on your wheel before adding to your cart and checking out.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery may take 7-14 work days depending on your area. Feel free to track your parcel with your tracking number here

How do I order more than one set?

You can have multiple interchangeable plates for your hub cap set! Looking to brand your fleet for your next corporate golf day? You can request a quotation here

How do I contact you?

We have a floating Whatsapp button to chat directly with us here to your right >>

You can also send a query and view our other methods of contact here